The discovery that your place of business or home is infested with termites can understandably be an extremely concerning experience. If left untreated, termite infestations can wreck havoc on your home, causing a significant amount of costly damage. These pesky insects cause their damage quickly and silently from the interior out in your home or business, therefore quick and professional termite treatment services are critical to ensuring that the investment in your home or business is protected. Arizona Termite Control provides an in-home inspection free of charge in order to assess the totality of your termite infestation and develop a treatment plan to eliminate the termites. Professionals in the field of termite extermination agree that professional termite services are recommended compared to do-it-yourself methods for a multitude of reasons. The primary reason is due to the complexity of termite infestations. It is critically important that every termite involved in the nest is eliminated during termite extermination. If termites remain after the termite extermination process is completed, then these termites will multiple, and continue to cause damage to your home or business. The termite professionals at Arizona Termite Control are experienced at locating termite infestations, and are skilled in a multitude of treatment services designed to ensure that termite infestations are completely eliminated.

Termite Warning Signs

Termite prevention is critical because, if left untreated; termites can quickly and silently destroy your home or business. While it can take several years for termites to bring about irreversible structural damage to your home or business, most individuals do not realize they have a termite infestation until it is too late. Rather than nesting inside the wood itself, termites in fact live on the ground and feed on the wood This is important, as any wood that comes into close contact to the ground where termites are nesting can potentially become an entry point for a termite infestation. Once entry is granted, termites will literally feast on all of the connecting wood contained in a building or structure, and will eventually demolish the building. Due to termites eating wood from the inside out, many home or business owners don’t discover the termite infestation until it’s too late; however there are many signs you can watch for in order to assist in identifying termite infestations.

Several common signs that your home or business may be infested with termites include discarded insect wings, termite droppings, sagging doors and hollow sounding wood. If you discover any of these signs in your home or business, it is critical to call a termite professional right away, as termites can quickly cause structure damage. Leaving termites untreated can allow them to wreck havoc on your home, causing your home to become unstable, leading to costly repairs. Choosing a termite professional you can trust is critically important in order to ensure that your termite infestation is completely eradicated. If your termite extermination job is not done correctly, your termite infestation will continue to cause destruction to your home or business.


  1. Termite Droppings- As with any type of insect infestation, termites leave evidence of their existence in the form of droppings. These droppings frequently look similar to finely shaven wood. In addition termites often leave behind shed wings, which provide insight as to totality of the infestation.
  2. Mud Tubes- Termites build mud tubes around the infected area, which are designed to assist them in their travel.
  3. Structural Damage- Since termites slowly eat away at the interior of the building they are infesting, there more than likely will not be any obvious signs of termite damage on the surface, as this would be evidence that the wood had already been completely eat away from the inside. One way to identify structural damage is to knock on a piece of solid wood, and listen for the “hollow” sound.
  4. Noise- When termites are feeding on the internal structure of your home, a buzzing or vibrating sound can often times be heard. Listen for this noise near areas of your home that you believe may be infested.

Written by Alan Ferguson

Alan Ferguson

Hello! My name is Alan Ferguson and I am an expert on the elimination of termites. He graduated in Harvard Business School, and now I care about people whose homes are attacked by pests.