The nationwide termite control company Terminix has just announced that it has 35 fresh job openings at one of its contact centres, naming the centre in Norcross, Georgia as the particular facility where the new hires shall be working. The company is apparently looking for more sales representatives as well as customer service or support reps to help it in its goal to provide more accessible pest and termite control and prevention services to consumers.

Executives from the termite control company’s contact center management team say the announcement is of moment in these times, given the dire rate of unemployment staggering people all over America. They have a point: the recession has indeed been unkind to many employees all over the country, making little distinction between those in the lower-income labor groups and those in the higher-income sectors. The problem, of course, is that there are cycles that do not get put on hold simply because of a recession; new graduates are still being produced each year, even if new jobs are not keeping up with the supply. As a result, the newer generation of workers is left adrift, prepared and groomed to learn tasks from termite control procedures to advanced accounting methods, yet devoid of opportunities in which to use them. Most companies, unfortunately, simply cannot afford to hire more workers. Indeed, many are even letting go of their existing ones.

There is a saying that every little bit helps, and perhaps that may be true in such dire times. The termite control company’s officials have stated that they are pleased to be able to help in stimulating their local markets by offering job openings such as those announced for the Georgia location, even in times like these. And with Terminix still capable of providing the usual employee packages and retirement/investment fund options, there shall undoubtedly be quite a number of persons seeking to snag one of the positions the company is offering. Those interested may do so through the company’s site, where they may submit applications to the pest and termite extermination firm.

Terminix is one of the biggest pest and termite control companies today, and although it handles other pest problems, its foundations were built on the methods of dealing with termites. It was founded by E. L. Bruce in the late 1920s, giving it impressive provenance, especially when you consider that Bruce was later on awarded the very first patent in the country for a termite control method. It was not until the end of the 1960s that the company finally added general pest control to its array of services. Then, in the second half of the 1980s, it became part of The ServiceMaster Network.

Written by Alan Ferguson

Alan Ferguson

Hello! My name is Alan Ferguson and I am an expert on the elimination of termites. He graduated in Harvard Business School, and now I care about people whose homes are attacked by pests.