The Atlanta-based termite control company, Orkin, just recently announced the establishment of African branches in the territories of Abuja and Lagos, both of which are in Nigeria. Orkin Nigeria is going to be providing much the same termite control and prevention services that Orkin does in the United States, where it handles both commercial and residential pest and termite treatments.

The company has spoken of its complete dedication to bringing only the best termite control and pest treatment procedures and technologies to its new branches. The new employees of the branches shall be sent to the Orkin company’s headquarters in the United States for training first, in order to ensure that they are as prepared as possible for all possible tasks they may need to undertake. The facilities Orkin uses in Atlanta are among some of the most well-equipped, after all, so it is only appropriate that the new employees train there first before concluding their lessons in the actual Nigerian quarters.

The Orkin brand is actually coming fresh from a legal dispute with one of its clients. The case had to do with the Sheffield Woods condominium association at Wellington, Florida finding instances of termite damage and other signs of termite infestation in their buildings. The association alleged that this was caused by Orkin, Inc.’s failure to honour its agreement to perform regular and timely termite treatments on the buildings, leading to the infiltration of the structures by the insects. According to the plaintiffs’ counsel, Orkin missed some of its scheduled treatments and thus created an opportunity for termites to bypass the original defences and infest the structures.

Orkin lost the case, but was not made to pay the full amount that the plaintiffs were seeking in aid of restoring the damaged sections of the afflicted structures. This case was wrapped up only this month and has not seemed to have too powerful a negative impact on Orkin’s business.

Orkin is one of the oldest pest control companies in the United States, but it also has other locations besides the US and the new locations at Africa. Orkin has centres in Canada, the Mediterranean region, Europe, Central America, the Caribbean region, the Middle East, and even Asia. The company is decidedly large, so the lawsuit against it garnered quite a bit of attention from the press—especially when the company lost the case.

Orkin is owned by Rollins Inc., a North American corporation that generally owns companies dealing with pest and termite control services. It owns not only Orkin LLC. But also Orkin PCO Services, Trutech LLC, Crane Pest Control, HomeTeam Pest Defense, Waltham Services LLC, Western Pest Services, and the Industrial Fumigant Company, thus having a comprehensive and well-rounded out portfolio in the residential and commercial pest control industry.

Written by Alan Ferguson

Alan Ferguson

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