The discovery that your place of business or home is infested with termites can understandably be an extremely concerning experience. If left untreated, termite infestations can wreck havoc on your home, causing a significant amount of costly damage. These pesky insects cause their damage quickly and silently from the interior out in your home or business, therefore quick and professional termite treatment services are critical to ensuring that the investment in your home or business is protected. Arizona Termite Control… Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

I think my home or business has a termite infestation. What do I do next? Time is of the essence, as termites will continue to multiply and silently destroy your home or business from the inside out indefinitely. It is important to contact a termite professional immediately in order to inquire about a termite inspection. The termite professionals at Arizona Termite Control provide a free in-home or in-office termite inspection What time of year are termites most common? Once a… Read More

Answers to Your Questions

I think I have found what I believe to be termite or pest excrement. How can I tell if this is termite waste? Dry wood termites produce small bun-shaped pellets as waste. This waste often accumulates on surfaces directly below infested areas. Evidence of termite activity can often be small holes on the surface of the infested area, and an accumulation of waste directly below these small holes. There are also types of termites who have wings, and they may… Read More