The Savannah-based termite control company, Cox Termite and Pest Control, recently engaged in an act of admirable charity. The termite extermination and pest control company provided its services to a local hospice patient in need of an insect exterminator.

The situation came about after a patient of the hospice was found to be living in less than ideal conditions due to an insect infestation in his home. The patient’s social worker, Suzanne Coote, relayed the information to other members of the hospice staff and the general consensus was that the patient’s health could not be improved and might even have been suffering further from the insect nuisance afflicting him. Hence, Coote decided to seek out a local insect and termite control company, and that was when she got in touch with the Cox Termite and Pest Control company.

Coote ended up talking to the owner of Cox Termite and Pest Control, Chris Cowart. When Cowart was told of the patient’s situation, he ended up offering to help. Cowart’s company came to the patient’s house to treat it for the insect infestation and the company later spent well over an hour in talking to the patient’s family on how to prevent similar infestations from taking hold ever again. Later, the THA Group Island Hospice sent their gratitude to the termite control company for the assistance.

Chris Cowart might be the current owner of the Cox Termite and Pest Control company, but the original owner and originator of the company was the uncle of his father, Wendell Cowart. The company was started in 1969 by that uncle, who later took on his nephew, Wendell, as a technician. This was in the year 1970, so Wendell Cowart had been with the company almost from its very inception. Before he ended up becoming owner of the company by purchasing it from his uncle in 1986, he graduated into a management position among the ranks, increasing his experience in the business. Currently, his son Chris is the co-owner of the business, along with his sister, Veralyn Cowart.

The company currently specializes in pest control for residences that includes termite control and extermination as well as termite prevention measures. They offer moisture barrier treatments for termite control, among other things. The company also handles treatments for yards and fields, in particular to fight against ant infestations and those of other insects. It also handles rodent problems.

The Cox Termite and Pest Control company is well-known in the area for having a good record of customer service. It can also boast of being fully licensed, registered, and insured, and every single one of the company’s technicians and specialists have been fully trained and registered with the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Structural Pest Control Division.

Written by Alan Ferguson

Alan Ferguson

Hello! My name is Alan Ferguson and I am an expert on the elimination of termites. He graduated in Harvard Business School, and now I care about people whose homes are attacked by pests.