Some people might complain often of their landlords or landladies being delinquent on tiny repairs to their rented accommodations, but Lowell resident Lisa Shannon has a major issue in her complaints that no tiny repair can fix. Shannon occupies a small bungalow that is so riddled with termites that experts surmise that the landlady has been putting off her termite prevention measures for around a decade, perhaps even more.

The story illustrates the importance of getting regular termite prevention treatments for your home. Lisa Shannon rented the white bungalow for her and her infant daughter to live in at a monthly rate of $400. At that rate, you should not expect much, you might say, but neither should you expect what greeted Shannon at her new residence: a scene of devastation that really drives home the power of termites and how much damage these minute creatures can wreak if they are let alone.

The walls of Shannon’s bungalow have actual chunks—think gaps nearly half a metre long and over a thumb’s length wide—missing from them, as do the frames of the windows and doors. There are holes in the floor covered by coarse rugs and floor coverings: some of the holes are well over a metre from both length and width, and in fact, a local reported who came to investigate the damage was able to put his head and his shoulders—with room to spare, it should be noted—through one hole in order to talk to the cameraman, who had slipped into the crawlspace to inspect the bungalow’s foundations. As might be expected, these too were just about completely eaten out.

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Shannon is worried—and has been worried for a while now, in fact. She said that she had already sent her landlady several complaints and requested that the woman do something about the problems, but the landlady refused. Finally, Shannon called a local news team to cover the story and show the results of the lack of termite prevention measures on the part of the property owner. The city building inspector was also informed of the problem and even sent a notice to the landlady in question, instructing her to repair the property and make it habitable, as per the law.

Unfortunately, Shannon’s landlady has yet to do something about the issue, even if it was her failure to keep up termite prevention treatments that led to the house’s termite infestation. Shannon said that she was moving out, and has stopped paying her rent to bring home her protest to her landlady—who, in turn, has now sued Shannon to the tune of just under $650, saying that this is the unpaid rent Shannon owes her.

Written by Alan Ferguson

Alan Ferguson

Hello! My name is Alan Ferguson and I am an expert on the elimination of termites. He graduated in Harvard Business School, and now I care about people whose homes are attacked by pests.