An Arizona termite control company called Core Pest Solutions was recently featured on an Arizona news site’s program as a result of client issues with the performance of its termite treatments. The news program, 3 On Your Side, took up the complaints of a dissatisfied and troubled local, Candace Landry.

According to the news site, Candace Landry, an El Mirage resident, had had troubles with termites before: this in itself was not surprising, as Arizona has a fair number of issues with termite damage and infestations, as many people already know. However, unlike many other people, Landry was apparently quick to take action. She called up the Core Pest Solutions termite control company and asked technicians to come over and resolve the issue.

The Arizona termite control company apparently came in to eradicate the pests on Landry’s property, and also installed termite prevention measures to ensure that termites would not be returning to the Landry premises for half a decade. The company actually stipulated this length of time in the contract with Landry, whom they gave a guarantee that the termites would not be returning to infest her home for at least five years. Under the conditions of said contract, if the termites did return within the specified time period, the pest control company would be obliged to return and perform treatments again as redress, free of charge.

It was a good thing, apparently, that Landry had this guarantee, for the termites did return before the five years had elapsed. Unfortunately, when Landry tried to get in touch with the company to make it honour its agreement to come in and perform additional treatments on her home, she got a number of appointments that the company did not honour, with no representatives so much as telling her beforehand that they would not be able to go to her house after all. Furthermore, when Landry did manage to get some of the termite technicians to come to her house, they apparently left without providing any re-treats or doing anything to solve the problem Landry and her family were experiencing.

Understandably frustrated, Landry went to the 3 On Your Side local news team and managed to tell her story to them. After the team presented the information in their news report, the Arizona termite control company finally honoured the agreement by returning to Landry’s house and giving her the re-treatment she was demanding. Landry actually got to the point of demanding her money back before, when she was being interviewed by the news programme, but the owner of the termite control company replied that there would be no such refund, although he would be providing the promised remedial re-treatments for Landry’s home.

Written by Alan Ferguson

Alan Ferguson

Hello! My name is Alan Ferguson and I am an expert on the elimination of termites. He graduated in Harvard Business School, and now I care about people whose homes are attacked by pests.